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live chat support services

Live Chat support services to support your services

“Hi! This is John here. How may I help you?” or “This is your customer support executive Sam. Do you need any assistance?” Do these statements sound familiar? From buying a facial serum to helping you choose the dress which suits your body type, experts sitting online have been assigned the task of talking to the clients whenever any visitor stops by the website and that is what chat support services are all about.

Live Chat Support Services

What is live chat support?

Do you miss the exchange of dialogues while shopping online? Do you want some expert to tell you which colour looks better or which style adds to the oomph factor? To make things easy for you and give you the comfort of talking to someone while you navigate between the online store pages, live chat support services are provided so that you don’t feel any vacuum while you are on the shopping spree. Live chat support services is the real-time and actual communication between the customer support agent and the customer. This conversation is through instant pop-up messages that appear in the form of a dialogue box when you login to the website of any company.

Why provide live chat support services?

In a scenario when customers have a myriad of options to look for when shopping online, connecting with the visitors to persuade them to be your valuable customer is not an effortless task. One thing that gives you an edge is how good your BPO Services customer support are, and in your endeavour to achieve remarkable results, chat support services are a must for the following reasons:

Convenient: Live chat support services allows the customers to associate themselves with the agent of the company without making an extra effort to call the helpline for any assistance. Customer queries related to purchase or return can be easily handled via live chat support services.

Competitive edge: Using live chat support services will make people believe in you and no wonder you will land up with a competitive edge by the end of the deal.

Time-saving: During the live chat, the turnaround time to answer a query is probably a fraction of seconds which otherwise might take ages to get resolved.

Boost sales: Chat support services help to enhance ROI by building trust and fostering confidence in the clients that we are there to support you at any given time. As per a report, 77% of the people resort to discussion with someone before making any online purchase and with chat support services this target can be easily achieved thus helping you enhance the sales.

Which industries can benefit from live chat support Services?

live chat support services

Keeping the website visitors engaged and providing them with the right support at the right time is the crux behind chat support services. Some of the industries which can benefit from live chat support Services are:

Real estate: Having someone to talk to when you are planning to invest in a property is a must because you need to know the exact details of every property that you shortlist. Though the details are mentioned on the website, talking makes things easy and provides a sense of closure.

Healthcare: Chat support services have increased in healthcare because an increasing number of people are resorting to online medium for healthcare services. Live chat support Services with the representative helps in inducing confidence in the buyer regarding the products, and timely guidance can be provided whenever needed.

Travel services: When you are planning to travel and are looking for multiple options, having the assistance of an online representative can help you finalize the destination which best meets your requirements.

Automobile: Planning to buy a car and confused about the right pick? Instead of going to the showroom, visit the website of the company and let the live chat support Services take on the conversation from that point.

E-commerce: If you are present on the web, you have to show your presence, and this can be achieved by instilling confidence in the visitors’ regarding your brand. Live chat support services are an excellent way of building trust and relationships with those who visit your online store.

Live chat agents trained for your business

Finding the right chat agents for your business is important to increase customer loyalty to boost sales. Some tips for training the live chat support services agents are:
Make sure they have a comprehensive knowledge of what you are dealing with. They must be aware of your product range so that genuine suggestions can be given while chatting online.
●   Mock chats before going online can be of great help.
●   Live chat agents should know the ins and outs of the online platform.
●   Eloquence and diligence is a must with live chat support services agents.
●  Live chat support services agents must have a pleasing demeanour that should be reflected in how they communicate with online visitors.

What are the benefits of outsourcing live chat support services?

For seamless customer support service, you no longer have to invest in infrastructure, and that is the biggest advantage of outsourcing live chat support services. Apart from this, outsourcing comes with the following advantages:Flexible pricing
●   Experienced team
●   Round the clock availability
●   Regular monitoring of the progress

What makes IO Digital live chat support services different?

Partnering with IOdigital for live chat support services will give you an edge on the following parameters:
Information security: The information that you share with our live chat support services agents will remain confined to them. No need to worry about any sort of discrepancy related to financial, legal, project data etc. when you have the best of the agents from IO digital.

Cost-effective pricing: We understand economics better than the other players in the market. Thus we have cost-effective customized business solutions for your chat support requirements.

Customized chat support: 2+2 is not 4 and we are not in a mathematics class. Our team swears by it and thus comes up with solutions that are specifically meant to serve your purpose at any given time.

Experienced chat support services executives: Sometimes, the clients want a detailed analysis while chatting with the live chat support services agents. We are a team of qualified professionals who do the homework before jumping into the field.

Multilingual chat support: The world is a common platform for business, and versatility in understanding the different languages and being adept at these is the game-changer in today’s world. Our executives are trained to handle queries in different languages, and thus whichever part of the world your customer is calling from, we are there to help.

Secure and reliable services: You can vouch for us as far as the security and reliability of the services is concerned because we believe in giving the maximum return on every penny that you invest in us. Unauthorized parties will not have any access to the data that you share once you have outsourced the services to IOdigital.

Single point of contact: One person for one project for better efficiency and results is the dictum on which we work. We assign one dedicated project manager who shall take up your queries, get them resolved, and update you on the current status.

Real-time website monitoring and traffic analysis: To plan the marketing strategies, you need the current data on traffic, keywords, location etc. We shall furnish the details as and when you require so that your business gains through our grass-root work.

Why is our live chat support service so vital for your business?

By capitalizing on our resources, you can nurture long term relationships with the clients, which will eventually help you bring in profits. We have on board live chat support services experts who understand the true meaning of customer relationship management and thus direct their communication towards effective engagement for better results.


Driving sales through chats, addressing customer queries, giving them suggestions whenever required and boosting customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of live chat support services. We are there to devise the right strategy for the online support you need. To know us, chat with us!



We are a UK based company established in 2016 and provide a fully outsourced Web Chat service dedicated to helping our clients win more business and build customer satisfaction from their website.

The IO Chat service is quite unique in that it not only provides the website software but also the live “human” agents to handle all visitor website traffic. Capturing leads, converting sales and providing a customer service “wow” 24/7 a day everyday of the year at an extremely low cost.

Our background of over 20 years in outsourced customer acquisition strategies and innovative lead capture software enables us to deliver this valuable service for any business who wishes to boost revenues from their existing web channel.


At a starting point of just £3.25 per day, IO Chat offers a cost effective Web Chat service 12 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our pricing model is based on shared cost by thousands of clients making chat accessible for any organisation, whatever their size, to boost their revenues from their website.


We have a highly trained team of lead generation and customer service experts in the IO Chat’s centre.

Our agents are all of graduate level education and are coached in the nuances of browsing behaviours allowing them to effectively deal with visitors to client sites across a range of global industries, organisations and services.


As this is a reception and lead generation service we don’t need to know your business in detail. As part of the set up process we ask you to provide some background details and typical FAQs this, coupled with the information on your website we will use when chatting with your visitors.


The short answer is, if you can gain commercial advantage from having a qualified agent greeting, capturing prospect information and validating enquiries from all your website visitors then the answer is yes

We are so confident that Web Chat will work for your website that there is no contractual commitment to our service. In the unlikely event that it’s not the right service for your business you can end the agreement at anytime and simply remove the web chat code from your site.


Adding our web chat service to your site is very easy. Simply complete the on-line order form and we will send you some code which you need to add to your website which will then automatically connect to our agents.

If you need help with this our tech team will assist you with this task that usually takes less than a minute.


In order to make Web Chat effective it has to be available at all times and has to be proactive which, to most organisations, is not cost effective. You need to have agents available to cover during breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours and they need to be focussed on inviting visitors to chat in the critical seconds where the window of opportunity is there to engage.

IO Chat can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and using dedicated agents to maximise the effectiveness of every engagement.


Web Chat is like having a sales assistant in your website showroom all day everyday ready to engage with all your website visitors. Greeting them, capturing prospect information and qualifying leads and passing this information to you via e-mail in real-time. This then allows you to respond while the visitor is in the market for your product or service.

Web Chat is proven to:

  • Increase the likelihood of purchase: people who chat are 3 times more likely to buy.
  • Reduce visitor abandonment which without engagement is around 80% on most websites.
  • Provide a qualified resource to engage with visitors during the high value our of hours period.

No! Full support 24/7 is included within your monthly service fee. In fact you will also be allocated a dedicated account manager who will handle any enquiries you may have and ensure your business and your visitors gets the best service available


No, our solution is fully cloud hosted on secure servers. Other than adding some simple website code there are no internal IT requirements. We do everything for you!


Yes, we will add your branding, logo and personalised messaging at no additional cost.

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