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The only way to effectively meet customer demand is by investing in BPO that is specifically tailored to a multi-channel customer environment (Phone calls, Social media, SMS, Webchat).

Engaging with customers using voice channels isn’t entirely outdated, but it is often unnecessary. In addition to engaging over voice channels, we make extensive use of SMS in a range of areas. We reduce demand by using SMS to send out information customers normally call for, and send text messages after an interaction to obtain the NPS score.

Webchat is today’s fastest-growing customer contact channel, and is used increasingly to foster sales as well as support customer service. It goes beyond websites and across to mobile apps and social media, and is fast becoming a mainstream customer service channel. Our webchat people are chosen specifically for their ability to communicate effectively on that channel.

What is multi channel?

We blend digital platforms with human interactions
that drive meaningful business outcomes.

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