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With IO Digital Work At Home, you can quickly react to unplanned events, meet seasonal demands, and support volume surges, with an expanded, experienced hiring pool aligned to your brand. Adding home agents to a brick-and-mortar contact center is seamless, and with IO Digital’s skilled workforce management team, we can provide over 90% schedule optimization and 10-20% lower TCO.

Work At Home is a key strategy for business continuity planning, removing the single point of failure that a centralized service location can represent.

Virtual Operating
Workstation &
Network Security
Virtual Operating Model

Virtual Operating Model

Work At Home teams are uniquely empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences and business results through:

  • Collaboration tools designed to engage and connect teams
  • Virtual management tools for coaching, developing, and motivating
  • Modern, adaptive, blended virtual training approach
  • Certified leadership and virtual training experts
Global Experience

Global Experience

Our Work At Home program has been more secured since 2020, and is staffed by verified and dedicated resources who fully understand the challenges and opportunities provided by remote working. IO Digital Work At Home associates provide key support - including customer care, sales, revenue growth, and back office - for clients across multiple geographies with a virtual end-to-end, permanent work at home agent model.

Data Security

Data Security

Effective Data Security is Critical for Today’s Digital Businesses.

Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Workstation & Network Security

Workstation & Network Security

Our controlled, secure, privacy-focused environment includes:

  • 100% encrypted voice delivery using Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Virtual desktop security prevents saving, copying, transferring, or printing of customer data
  • Monitoring recognizes any and every attempt to step outside of approved functions
  • Secured virtual private network (VPN)

Workspace Security

Our platform adds another level of security to the remote work environment - monitoring agent workspace security through:

  • Facial biometrics
  • Unauthorized device and usage detection
  • Evidence-based reporting with customizable business rules

Secure Payments

To complement our Work At Home solution, IO Digital. As part of a secure payment, credit card number, expiry date and cryptogram are encrypted in the transmission to protect you and ensure that no data flows in the clear via the internet. Secure Payments enables non-verbal entry of credit card information via a secure IVR and masks it on the agent desktop, eliminating agent exposure to sensitive customer data.

Seamless, Secure Delivery. Easily Scalable.

21 years of experience. Across geographies. Thousands deployed globally.

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